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11Fig 1x.81MHz value is 66μmJulian Sandrock2020-04-05
56right col, line 13expression inside radical should be L(nH)/ALChip Coldwell2023-04-21
66eq'n 1x.28R in numerator of third expression should be rGraham Keeth2020-02-08
10skin depth equationexponent is -1/2: δ ≈ (πμσf)-1/2Todor Petkov2020-03-12
94Fig 1x,164this circuit does not work! -- the
termination of the output pulse causes point
X to ramp back up: it's a "gated oscillator"
Jake Thomas2020-06-28
111left col, line -13G = gmRLGraham Keeth2019-11-27
123Figs 2x.52 and 2x.53heading of 3rd column should be βmeasGraham Keeth2019-02-08
171right col, line -5last term should be βVT/ICGraham Keeth2020-03-29
200right col, line 12I = (2.50V - 60mV)/R1 + VGS/R2Graham Keeth2020-03-29
203left col, line 5should be VGSGraham Keeth2020-03-29
289Fig. 4x.25Q1 should be MPS8099James Sutherland2023-04-05
443Fig 9x.73top terminal pair should be Vout (HV)Graham Keeth2020-03-29
448left col, line -614nV/√HzGraham Keeth2020-03-29
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