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A second volume of the third edition of Horowitz and Hill’s The Art of Electronics subtitled “The x-Chapters” was published recently. For those of you who are unfamiliar with AoE (or were unaware that a third edition has been published), it is to electronics as the The Feynman Lectures is to physics: encyclopedic, approachable, entertaining, and yet somehow comprehensive enough so that even an expert will learn something reading it. The x-Chapters takes it to the next level, going into the nitty-gritty details that would have derailed the main text, but that really are important for practicing design engineers.
Dr. Charles Coldwell, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

I thought that the book will be more or less just a few “esoteric” topics that I won’t really need so much, so I have ordered it just to complete the AoE book I have already. Man, was I wrong! Chock-full of useful info, especially for someone like me who isn’t EE by trade.
“janoc,” super contributor, eevblog

What a masterpiece of work! There’s some truly great stuff here, not found anywhere else.
Ali Mehmed, Senior Hardware Engineer, DnaNudge Ltd.

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