How to post to the commentary section

Dear sirs,

I wish to know how to post articles, comments, clarifications, etc. to this section.

Yours truly

Well, Yours, you’ve come to the right Post.

From the Dashboard, select Posts -> Add New.

Write whatever you wish (if it includes a reader comment, you can paste that in, select the text, and use the ‘quote’ gadget in the menu bar). Once you’ve written your Post, make sure to set the Category (over on the right) to Commentary. Anything with that tag will who up on the Comments and Clarifications page (let me know if you want that named something else – but don’t edit that page – it’s there to create an index of all Posts with the tag Commentary).

Also Yours Truly

PS – Delete this post when you’re ready to. Go to Posts in the Dashboard, hover over the title and Choose ‘Trash’, or edit the Post and choose ‘Move to Trash’ next to the Update button.

PPS – Or, if you’d like to keep it around for reference, edit it and change the Status to Draft (then click Update). That will make it invisible to viewers, but visible to you. Using Draft is also a good way to… well, draft new posts before you Publish them.

PPPS – I highly recommend using the Classic Editor over the Block Editor. You can change your default editor in your profile settings. Or when editing a post/page, look over on the right for a ‘Editor’ switching  widget.

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